Kühnl & Hoyer makes four lines of trombones. They are trombones designned for the world market rather than just another German trombone. They fit well in all countries.

The ltromobne lines are: The Kühnl &Hoyer series, Bolero series, the Slokar series and the Bart van Lier series.

The K&H series was the original tromobone models and are the least expensive of the trombnes. The Bolero models were developed to provide a more upscale trombone line. The Slokar series was developed with Branimir Slokar who is recognized as one of the very best trombone players in the world and resides in Switzerland. The van Lier line was developed with Bart vanLier who is a world famous Jazz trombonist who is from The Netherlands.

The K&H Series has the following models: An Alto trombone, small bore trombones, medium bore trombones, large bore trombones, and Bass trombones.

The Bolero Series has: Small bore tenor trombne, medium bore tenor trombones, and large bore tenor trombnes.

The Slokar Series (the top trombone line) has the following models: Alto trombones ( Eb and Eb/Bb), Large bore Tenor Trombones, and bass trombones.

The van Lier Series was developed for the Jazz tromboone market and contains: small bore trombones, a small-medium bore trombne, and Bass trombones.