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Importer and Reseller of Kühnl & Hoyer Brass Musical Instruments and Josef Klier Mouthpieces

Kühnl & Hoyer:
Makers of the finest in brass instruments including Cornets; Rotary and Piston Trumpets; Rotary and Piston Flugelhorns; Alto, Tenor and Bass Trombones; and French Horns.

Trumpets designed by Malte Burba. Trombones designed by Bart van Lier and Branimir Slokar.

Josef Klier:
Mouthpieces for Cornets, Trumpets, Piccolo Trumpet, Big Band Trumpet, Trombones, Tenor Horns, French Horns, Trombones, Tuba, Flugelhorns, Contra Bass Trombone, Baroque Trombone , Baroque Trumpet.